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Paper and Print Methods

H&H offers 3 different print methods to meet a variety of budgets. Flat/Digital print, Letterpress, and Foil stamping. Print methods can be combined but you are charged for each individual print process so it's something to keep in mind for budget purposes.


Digital (Flat) Print

Digital printing is a flat print with unlimited color used. It is the most cost-friendly print method and can be done in any matte color. It is how colorful graphics and watercolors must be printed. White ink print on darker colored papers is also available however it is considered a specialty print so it is more costly than traditional digital print.

Letterpress Print

Letterpress is a high-end, handcrafted printing technique that's done on large printing presses.  Letterpress inks use the pantone color system however we can pretty much match to any color. The print is pressed into the paper so you can feel the impression of your text and design. Pricing for letterpress is based on the number of colors used (typically 1-2 max.) and the quantity of cards printed.


Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is similar to letterpress but achieves a metallic and shiny finish. It is popular for those wishing to achieve a true metallic gold or silver.  Foil is pressed into the paper so you can feel the impression. Pricing for foil is a little more costly than letterpress and is determined based on the quantity ordered.

Recommended Paper Weight By Print Method


Digital/Flat - 100lb - 110lb cardstock

Letterpress - 110lb - 220lb cardstock

Foil Stamping - 110lb - 220lb cardstock

Cardstock options.jpg

2ply 220# cardstock

Single ply 110# cardstock

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