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Escort card chart

Day-of Wedding Materials

You should plan on placing orders for your wedding day-of printed materials 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding to ensure enough time for print and delivery. Please keep in mind letterpress requires a 3 week  turnaround unless it’s rushed. Menus, programs, table numbers, signage, place and escort cards are commonly needed the day-of.

Floral Wedding Menu


Menus are one of the most common day of pieces our couples order for their celebration. Menus can also be customized with guest names to act as place cards and can be either letterpress or digitally printed. We can also dye cut certain shapes like a circle to fit on top of the plates.


Ceremony Program

Programs can be printed several different ways. The most basic digital program type is a single page program, up to 5.5x8.5’’ or 4.25”x9.25”in size. Single page programs are ideal for smaller wedding parties and shorter ceremonies. Longer and many religious ceremonies usually require a little more space. Single-page programs can also be printed double-sided or in a booklet format, if needed. Letterpress programs are recommended for single-sided print only.


Table Number

Table Numbers

I am happy to customize the size to fit frames or stands and can digitally print either double or single-sided cards. I’m also happy to print table designators as names instead of numbers in case you want to get a little creative! Looking for some clever ideas to name tables? How about favorite cities to vacation in, beach names, wine varieties, meaningful dates, or coordinates for special landmarks.


Placecards and Escortcards

Place and escort cards are another wedding day essential. While these cards may seem interchangeable, place and escort cards are not the same. Escort cards are printed with the guest or couples’ names and the table number and are used to designate where the guest(s) will be seated for the reception. Place cards are printed with individual guest names and are situated at each place setting to show guests which seat to sit in at the table they are assigned to for the reception. Place cards can also be personalized with meal choice indicators for plated dinner services where wait staff need to know which guest will receive which entrée. Entrée choice can be indicated with a small animal icon or different color printings.

Both place and escort cards can be digitally printed. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the variable data, they cannot be printed by letterpress.


Escort cards


Wedding celebrations are usually multi-faceted affairs, sometimes in several locations. Signage helps keep the flow of the wedding continuous and smooth and can provide important information to guests. I am happy to create lovely cards to complete your day and help it run a little more smoothly. Below is a brief list of some of the sign options I print:

Bar menus, dessert menus, favor tags, reserved signs, directional signs, guest book signs, seating charts, and any other cards you may need!


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